Newcomer Driver Education Program

Starting our 2019 Driver Education Program for Newcomers.

Are you interested in getting your driver’s licence? You may qualify for partial funding to complete your driver training course and get your Saskatchewan driver’s licence!

Do you have a Saskatchewan learner’s licence?
Have you had your learner’s licence for at least 5 months?
Have you practised driving in a Saskatchewan city?
If yes, this program might be for you!

The Driver Education program is a 6hr in-class and 6hr in-car training. The cost of the program is $700 per student, and SNS will provide “Partial Funding covering $350” of the cost. Newcomers will pay the remaining balance.

This program is open to Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents (certain conditions apply) in Saskatchewan, in the area serviced by Southeast Newcomer Services, who are required to complete a driver education program to obtain a Saskatchewan driver’s licence.

Application Process:

• Applicants are required to fill out an application form and submit applicable supporting documentation. You can stop by our Estevan and Weyburn office locations to pick up an application in person or go to our SNS page to fill out an application. Check application eligibility and non-eligibility. Make sure you have everything needed on our “Check List.”
• Applications need to be submitted in writing either by mail, fax, email or by hand to:
Southeast Newcomer Services
1108-6th Street
Estevan, SK S4A 1A8
Fax: 306-637-3826
Email :

• Estevan Application Deadline is: April 5th, 2019 by 1p.m.
• Weyburn Application Deadline is: April 5th, 2019 by 1p.m.

Estevan in-class session will take place on April 28th from 10-5p.m (lunch 1-2p.m) at the Days Inn, Evergreen Room.
Weyburn in-class session will be on June 8th from 10-5p.m (lunch1-2p.m) at the Weyburn’s Public Library.

Newcomer Driver Education Program

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