Basic Computer Literacy Program

Are you interested in learning about computers? Now is the time to sign-up for FREE one-on-one sessions to learn basic computer skills. Program participants will be able to schedule one hour sessions each week to learn the basics and gradually improve over time. Call (306)637-4920 for further information and to book your appointment.

Areas to cover include:

  • Computers & Software Applications
  • Hands-On Exercises Utilizing:
    • The Mouse
    • The Keyboard
    • Basic Word Processing and PowerPoint
  • Print options
  • Internet
  • Create an E-Mail, Facebook or any Social Media page
  • How an email works
    • Attach files
  • And more!

Eligibility: This service is available for free to permanent and temporary residents. Please visit our office at 1108 6th St., Estevan or call (306)637-4920.

Basic Computer Training