What are Settlement Advisors?

Settlement Advisors are qualified and knowledgeable individuals who can help you understand and use Saskatchewan services. They can help you find answers to your questions and guide you as you settle in your community.

How can a Settlement Advisor help me?

At your first meeting with a Settlement Advisor you can:

  • get to know your Settlement Advisor and how he or she can help you;
  • use your Settlement Advisor’s knowledge and experience to help you find community resources and services to meet your most immediate needs, if you have not already done so. For example, you may need to find out where to get food, health supplies, apply for a health card, etc.; and,
  • get contact information for critical services such as emergency services, immigration offices, your local Career and Employment Services offices, etc.

The Settlement Advisor will be available to meet with you again if you identify new challenges or difficulties.

A Settlement Advisors can assist with immigration documents to ensure everything is complete.  A Settlement Advisor cannot help with processing applications, only IRCC (Canada) and Saskatchewan Govt. can process your applications. For help with immigration documents and processing, you may contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

How can I find a Settlement Advisor?

To find a Settlement Advisor contact SNS.

If you qualify for services, the SNS will set up an appointment for you with a Settlement Advisor. You may meet with your Settlement Advisor at SNS or at another place, such as a library, that is close to you.

Can anyone meet with a Settlement Advisor?

SNS will help you to find out if you qualify to receive services from a Settlement Advisor.

You will need to be living in Saskatchewan and residing in Southeast Newcomer Services Service area before you can meet with a Settlement Advisor.

Settlement Advisors work with recent Newcomers to Saskatchewan (less than five years in the province).

Regardless if you are a Visitor, Work Permit, Refugee, Permanent Resident, First Nation or Citizen, our organization is available to assist you and help you transition into your new home in Southeast Saskatchewan.

What if I do not speak English?

Settlement Advisors will be able to help you, even if you do not speak English. Many Settlement Advisors speak a second language other than English. An interpreter may also be available to help. You can also ask a family member or friend who speaks some English to help you.

How long will it take for me to see a Settlement Advisor?

If you qualify for the service, SNS will set up an initial meeting for you with a Settlement Advisor. You should be able to meet your Settlement Advisor the same day or the next available appointment.

Do I have to pay to meet with the Settlement Advisor?

No, Settlement Advisors provide their services at no cost to you.

For how long can I continue to meet with the Settlement Advisor?

You can meet with a Settlement Advisors for the first two years after your arrival to Saskatchewan.

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